Full Body Shape Up

Welcome to today’s super fun  and super full body workout! All you need is a pair of dumbbells to get it done!

We’re of course hitting all over your lower body here but we’re also targeting your back and shoulders! Soo it’s a full body workout with an emphasis on those parts of the upper body.

One thing that is great to keep in mind here, is to really focus on engaging those glutes!! I knoww, I harp on this in every workout that has to do with lower body but it’s so important to really create and work on that mind – muscle connection! Warming up with a few glute specific exercises included can really help this happen easier during a workout but it’s going to be something most of us have to actively work for!

Be sure to push yourself with your pace and weight here as long as you’re keeping good form! You want to be challenged in these workouts! When we challenge ourselves is when we start to see the changes we’re after. You’re here, you’re spending the time, so get the most out of it you can and do your best! You got this!

Let’s get sweaty!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


Full Body Shape Up

50 seconds work :10 seconds rest
OVHD Step Back Lunge R&L
RDL to Wide Row
Pulse Squat Press
Sumo DL to Close Row
Kneel to Front Raise