The next step in your Get Fit Guide training! We kick it up a notch and really sculpt your body with a combination of dumbbells and plyometric exercises! It's designed to burn fat and build muscle, getting you looking lean and feeling healthy, fit and stronger than ever!

• A 12 week plan to keep you on track with your goals.

• Lower Body, Upper Body, Total Body & Challenge workouts each week!

• Unlimited access to the E-book, exercise video support and all the resources on your account.

• Over 200 Exercises & different workouts every week so you never get bored!

•  Video Support for Every Exercise.

• Full Glossary with pictures.

• 5 Glute Lifting Circuits.

• 5 HIIT Cardio Circuits.

• 5 Upper Body Burnout Circuits.

• Lower Body, Upper Body & Total Body stretch routines.

• A Power Week to track your progress and keep your body guessing!

get fit guide

weeks 13 - 24