Getting Out of That Funk!

It happens to all of us. Some days we just aren’t feeling quite ourselves . Maybe it’s a little blah or we’re lacking that usual pep in our step but either way, it’s not something we want to last! Today we’re going to talk about a few things you can do to shake off the funk when it settles on your day! These are all super simple, quick tips that take under five minutes if that’s all you have! Each is easy to do but makes a big impact.

Tips for Getting out of That Funk

Change your scenery – This is something so simple but can often make a huge difference. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been frustrated or blah during the day and decided I needed a break. That break consisted of a 2 minute walk to get the mail. It works wonders. Just getting out of the room or building for a minute and opening up your view to the wider world reminds us that maybe our daily frustrations we let turn our day into a funk aren’t that huge after all.

Get moving – It can be 3o seconds of high knees, 20 jumping jacks, a few stretches or the quick walk we mentioned above but getting our blood pumping a bit relaxes us and can be a great way to ease frustration! Clear that funky energy! Of course, there are even greater benefits to being on a regular exercise plan. Like maybe less funky days to begin with:! 🙂

Watch, read or listen to something that inspires you – This is a game changer for me! Nothing like taking on the perspective of someone else that motivates you for a few minutes to change your own mindset. Turn on that YouTuber that you resonate with, listen to the podcast that inspires you or read a few pages of a book that always gets you to a good mindset! It only takes a few minutes but can make a huge difference.

 Plan something to look forward to – When you’re having a rough day, you can always picture that dinner with your friend at the end of the week, or the relaxing night in you’re giving yourself this weekend. Having something to look forward to can keep your spirits up when things are seeming a little dim! It doesn’t have to be anything big, but have something you enjoy planned!

Knock out the simplest thing on your to do list – This one can really get the ball rolling when you’re feeling ‘blah’ and unmotivated. Knocking off that one thing, even if it’s simple, gets you in the getting things done mindset. Build on the feeling of success from that first task!

Use affirmations – This one may seem silly but I promise it’s a powerful tool! Saying positive and affirming things to yourself can work wonders for you mindset. This is one that I would recommend doing daily. Good things it takes about 2 seconds flat! Whether you have a mantra you repeat or you choose a few sayings that boost your mood and make your feel ready to take on the world daily, little positive phrases can have a big impact. Try things like. ‘I have gifts and talents that make the world around me better’, ‘I am grateful for..’, ‘I am happy because..’, ‘I am loved/lovable’ or anything that resonates with you!

Remember, nothing in life is permanent – Sometimes when we’re in an unpleasant situation it feels like it’s always going to be that way. Not true! Nothing lasts forever. Not situations or feelings, so remember, you can get through it. It will get better. It will also probably make you stronger in the process.

Do something goofy – This is one of my personal favorites! How many times have you been in a bad mood and then caught yourself looking ridiculous in the self facing camera and laughed? Ok- just me? I highly suggest it if you have never experienced this! When you’re in a funk sometimes you just need to smile. Make that ridiculously filtered snapchat video for your friend, dance to your favorite song or make goofy face at yourself in the mirror. They’re not scientific but sometimes feeling a little light hearted for a minute is all you need! This is also a great one because you get an example in the video 😀

Ok guys! I hope that you found something here helpful! I’d love to hear things that you do to snap yourself out of a funk! 🙂

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


Tips for Getting out of That Funk