Getting the Most From Every Workout

It’s tough to push your self in every workout. Especially if you’re working out alone! Here are a few ways to help stick to your plan and get the most out of every workout!

Focus on what you’re doing at the moment rather than how much you have left.

Looking at what’s left in your whole workout as your quads are on fire isn’t very encouraging! Focus on finishing the exercise you are doing. Thinking of your 10 squat reps is a lot more doable than thinking about doing 10 reps of 10 exercises multiple times! Focusing on completing small tasks like this also gives you a lot of little victories every workout!

Focus on your form.

You will get much more benefit out of quality reps of an exercise than a high quantity of incorrectly done reps. Quality reps ensure that you are actually working the intended muscles so that you get the most of every rep, even if it means fitting a few less in an interval. It’s also important for injury prevention. Being sure to do each exercise with good form keeps your body in good alignment and doesn’t add unnecessary strain to your joints!

Be sure to warm up.

Warming up ensures that you body is ready to go! When you don’t warm up, your body is using those first few sets of your workout to get going so you aren’t getting as much out of the workout as you can. Taking the time to add a 5-10 minute warm up to every workout allows you to crush each workout from start to finish and really give your body the chance to maximum benefits out of your session. It’s also important to warm up so that you don’t injure yourself. Going straight into a difficult exercise with cold muscles can cause a strain or pull.

Be sure to hydrate.

Being hydrated is key for keeping up with your fitness routine. Besides the water you need daily, you sweat while you work out and that water needs to be replaced so that you can perform at you best! Dehydration can also cause tiredness and headaches. When we don’t feel our best, the first thing that tends to be skipped it a workout! Hydrate so you can dominate. 😀

Make good nutrition choices.

Along with getting enough water, good nutrition choices are going to feel your workouts. Giving you body the nutrients it needs to function properly and recover from workouts is very important when trying to stick with a training plan and get to your fitness goals! Besides fueling your workouts, making you feel your best and giving you added energy in your daily life, good nutrition is also a key part of reaching your fitness goals in itself. It’s near impossible to out train a bad diet! Do your best to stick with good nutrition as often as possible and you’ll notice the difference!


Sweat, Smile, Repeat,

? Niki