Glute & Thigh Shape Up

I’ve been doing quite a few live videos on Instagram lately and one of the questions I get asked consistently is ‘what can I do for my butt and thighs?’ Well, besides your normal variations of squats, lunges, bridges, plyometrics etc. You can do lovely workouts like these!

I would consider these exercises to be in the ‘fine tuning’ group of lower body workouts. Those are things like pulses, ankle weight workouts, and other banded exercises. Mainly small movements that really start to burn one specific spot. You may even feel them in some muscles that didn’t realize existed, and that’s always so much fun! Right? 😀 These type of moves are great for lots of reasons but the main point is, they get your lower body muscles working in ways that we might neglect in our normal workout routines. These are the burning movements that are super targeted and make great finishers on your lower body day!

Remember, it’s important to do those above mentioned squats, lunges, bridges and other big movements! Those kind of workouts are going to really work your lower body and in turn build muscle that gives your legs that nice (for lack of a better word) ‘toned’ look and they even your core so remember to engage it during the exercises. Bonus! Those workouts along with lovely little burners like these make up a pretty great lower body routine. I like to do something like this twice during my weekly Get Fit Guide training!

This entire workout can be done with or without a band but it’s designed for a band, it just takes things up a notch! And adds a lot of burn!

Here’s the workout breakdown:

3 Rounds steady through at your own pace or following along here with me!

Bridge March x 20

Step Squat x 10 each way

Wide Hop x 20

Banded Froggies x 20

Wide Arch x 10 each way


How to work this into your routine:

This is a great routine to do for a little bit of extra targeted glute/thigh work after leg days, or on total body days! I recommend working something in like this twice a week, even if it’s just 10-15 minutes it will make a difference!


I hope you felt a nice little burn here! Let me know how you liked it!


Sweat, Smile, Repeat!