Gratitude for a Positive Life

If there is one tip I can share for making life a more positive, joyful and all around more enjoyable experience – it’s gratitude.

This, more than anything else has the power to shift our perspective and even change our mood in just a moment.

It’s almost impossible to be sad or unhappy or angry while listing things you are grateful for and we all have something that we are grateful for! Even if you feel like your life is in shambles! It can be the snack you just had, the weather, a family member, friend, your shoes, your coat, your hair, the ability to walk, clean air, fresh water.. you get the point. If you’re feeling low or having trouble, start with literally anything you can think of that you’re grateful for.

It pays to have an attitude of gratitude! Feel free to share a few things you’re grateful for below to jump start all the good feelings! 🙂

One of the best exercises that I do when I wake up in a funk or find myself having one of those days is to list three things I’m grateful for. It’s such a simple practice but it can have a huge impact on our daily life. It can be a mental list but it works amazing when you physically write it down.

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!