Grocery Haul! Eat For Progress!

Here’s my latest grocery haul. There’s a few repeats but I’m a pretty picky eater! With my food guide being finished soon I’ve been expanding my palette a little bit though. So maybe some more crazy food hauling to come!:D

One tip that I like to follow in my own healthy eating adventures, keep the food around that you want to eat! If there’s junk and sugary desserts around as well as salad, chances are the salad will rot and the dessert will be eaten. Set yourself up for success and keep your fridge stocked with fruits, veggies and other things that will help you to your goals!

Don’t you just love the freeze frame it picked for my face here!? 🙂


Salad– Get in your greens! This is a great way to get veggies in if you’re not a big veggie person. I top my salad with some veggies but add things i love the taste of like avocado, feta and chicken to make sure I only kind of know I’m eating veggies.

Chicken– A great meal stable you can use in salads, alone, in soup and pretty much for anything.

Bone Broth– My favorite alternative to chicken stock! Packs a lot more protein.

Grapes, apples– Great for snacking and getting rid of that sweet tooth!

Lemons– Morning lemon water, guacamole & some other recipes.

Bell peppers, onions– Great to saute in a pan, let them get a little bit charred- delicious! Also good for a veggie snack.

Zucchini, squash– Makes a tasty side dish for meals. Just roast at 425-450 degrees. Lightly coat in avocado oil and sprinkle with pepper, salt and other seasoning.

Lara Bars– Great snack for on the go or pre early morning workout when you don’t feel like making your own Power Bites.

Dates– An amazing sweetener for baking at home and making granola or already mentioned power bites!

Raw Honey– Add a little to tea, overnight oats or other thins you make that you  might usually use processed sugar in. Also make a great granola sweetener.

Almond Butter- I didn’t show this one because I didn’t actually buy it this trip but it’s awesome for pairing with a banana or apple for snacking, or adding a spoonful to your shake or overnight oats!

Stay fit! 😀