Healthy Holiday Traveling Made Easy

If you’re anything like me, traveling used to be an excuse to get off track with my eating. I mean in a major way. The car would be packed with as many kinds of candies, chips and cookies as my suitcase was with clothes and every meal was some kind of fried fast food because, well, what else could i do? I’m traveling. Duh. It always ended up leaving me in a massive food comma and feeling quite sick from too much sugar but it didn’t stop me!

Fast forward to now when I have a much different relationship with food and a better grip on what it means to live a healthy lifestyle rather than going through periods of binging on dessert and periods of what could be best described as, wishing i was binging on dessert.

So, if you’re struggling with the traveling binge on treats, here’s a few things I’ll be packing for my 7+ hour drive with the husband to Pittsburgh! He was amazing enough to spend our first Thanksgiving together with my family! ( praying the Thanksgiving traffic doesn’t turn our drive into 9 or 10 hours!)


Lettuce wraps

You can spice these up any way you’d like but basically they’re chicken(or your preferred cold cut) and a slice of cheddar (r other) cheese wrapped in lettuce. Try adding tomato slices, avocado, spices mustard, banana peppers, cucumbers or anything you’d like!


The best part obviously. This list is going to differ by what you like but here’s what we’ve got!

Power Bites or Lara Bars

Sea Salt Popcorn





Multiseed crackers(gluten free) – to be used with the rest of the lunch meat & cheese

All of it is pretty mess free and easy to travel with! The key is picking some things you like that are good for you, so any fruit, veggies, nuts, etc. are great options! The video below was from my FaceBook Live on @SugarySixPack if you want see the stuff!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!