How I Get Back on Track

Ohh traveling! It’s amazing and it’s fun but a month of travel has left me waayy off track with my eating and so happy to finally be back in my own bed! So, I’m sharing a few of the things I do when I’m getting back on track with my eating. (If you’d rather watch a video, it’s below!)

These are all simple ways to really jump start getting back on track! It can be a tough transition, going from a few weeks of eating anything and everything to getting back on track and working towards those goals but it doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming. Just take it a step, and a day, at a time! Even if you just incorporate one or  two of these at a time, it’s a great start towards more nourishing eating and feeling your best!

Drinking lots of water – Super important but easily forgotten, drinking enough water helps with so many things! Being hydrated can actually help you make healthier eating choices too. When we’re dehydrated, sometimes we think we’re hungry which can cause a lot of snacky-ness that might not be a problem when we’re drinking enough water through the day! We also tend to crave sugary, processed things here so make sure you’re hydrating!

Veggies at meals – There was a time in my life where the only veggie I ate was a potato.. in the form of french fries. Ohh how times change! This is a super simple way to make a huge difference in how nourishing your diet is. Veggies have fiber, vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function at its best! When getting on track I try to pack veggies in with my lunch and dinner daily. Whether it’s a giant salad, piles or broccoli, or cauliflower, pick some veggies you enjoy and pack them in!

Fruit for snacks – Another awesome way to get your fiber and nutrients up is to eat fruit when you’re craving something sweet! A lot of fruit also has a high water content which helps hydrate you so you’re pretty much eating a super snack here :D. Fruit is a great way to help curb those sweet cravings. It’s natural sugar and the fiber and nutrients help prevent the sugar spike you would get from something like cake or candy, which is pretty much void of any nutritional value.

Keep healthy snacks around – Similar to having fruit around, keeping other healthy snacks is so helpful to staying on track! If you’re someone who craves all things chocolate, make sure you’ve got something around that will satisfy that craving in a way that allows you to feel good! So keeping a little bit of dark chocolate around or making your own treat like Power Bites or Chocolate Granola can really help when you get the urge for something a little less nourishing. If you’re more of a salty person, try things like lightly salted nuts, pre slicing sweet potatoes into ‘chips’ adding sea salt and baking them or even lightly salted air popped popcorn! I got a popper on for 11$ and it’s da bomb!

Outline your meals & shop for the week – This is so key! Being prepared is one of the main things that makes the difference in staying on track and falling off. In the moment, when you’re hungry, most of the time the easiest choice is going to win! That’s not always the healthiest. Being prepared, having the food you want to eat that week already in your home is so helpful! The easier you can make it to choose the healthy option, the better! SO think up what you want to eat that week, make a list, and get it all! Be ready for your madly successful week of healthy-ness! 🙂

So, that’s what I do when getting back on track! I hope something here is helpful for you! Let me know what you want to see in future vlogs!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!