How I Stay on Track while Traveling

In the past year or so I have done a lottt of traveling. Probably more than ever in my life! It’s been amazing, fun, and sometimes tiring but I’ve loved it. What I don’t always love is how my eating changes while I’m in airports or on trips, it usually takes a turn for the worse if I don’t prepare before leaving. Here I’m sharing my go to snacks for traveling in the airport or any other way you may be using!

When I first started traveling around, I used it as an excuse to eat anything and everything. Travel equated all out sugar binge. Chocolate? YES! Frappuccino for the person who doesn’t even like coffee? Why not? And of course add pizza, fries or whatever else my traveling heart desired. This was super fun for a minute but eventually the sugar crashes got old and I was tired of feeling bad on every flight.

Fast forward to now and yes, I still occasionally eat the airport candy or find myself with a quesadilla in hand rather than a veggie filled salad, but it’s gotten much easier. Through trial and error I’ve realized what it takes for me to have a healthy, feel good travel experience and so of course I want to share that with you guys!

How I Stay on Track while Traveling

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The basic idea here is just to be prepared. Sometimes we set out for a short day of flying and suddenly your connection was delayed and you have an 8 hour day ahead. Having snacks that you like and that keep you on track can make that day much better! You can of course customize it to snacks that you like, these are just some things that work well for me.

The snacks:

Fruit: Anything that you like and find easy to travel with! I’d definitely be sure to pack it in the top of you carry on so it doesn’t get smashed! Make it easy on yourself, cut the fruit before you go. Some of my favorites are strawberries, grapes and apples!

Nuts: These are great for traveling! Easy to carry around and a nice little pop of protein to go with your fruit. Some of my favorite here are cashews and pistachios! Make sure you have somewhere to put the shells!

Bars: I love RxBars. They’re whole foods based and have great flavors! Another one I like are Larabars. (I didn’t enjoy the evo hemp bar shown) One thing I usually keep in mind when choosing a bar is added sugar. Both of the bars mentioned are sweetened naturally with dates!

Go Raw Crunch: They have some great stuff here! I personally am a little to frugal to buy it for just sitting at home but on a trip it’s something great to have! It helps my chocolate craving without heading for the candy shop.

Water: So important! Always pack water. In airports I love to bring a giant empty water bottle so that I can fill it up after I get through security. It’s easy to get dehydrated when traveling, especially flying, so be prepared!

Meals: So this is one thing that you can’t really pack with you from home. It’s tough to bring a full meal! One thing I make sure to do is just go with my best option. Some airports have amazing options but not always. When you find yourself with limited options, all you can do is go with your best choice!  We don’t always get the perfect situation, so when it comes down to it just go with it! Even if you end up having a meal that may not be in line with your plan, enjoy it! Don’t stress or feel guilty. Sometimes it is what it is and you’ve just gotta be flexible. When you do have choices and time, I usually try to go for something similar to what I would eat when at home! So some type of big salad or veggies and protein! Again, if it’s just not possible I enjoy what I can find! Being flexible when things don’t work out is so key so that you don’t get stressed out! Cause after all, travel should be fun right? 😀

I hope this was helpful! What are some of your travel tips? I’d love to hear them!


Sweat, Smile, Repeat! And Eat!