IT Band Yoga.. Stretch it Out

Your IT(iliotibial) band runs on the lateral side of your leg from the hip to right under the knee. Tight IT bands have the potential to cause a lot of pain, especially in the lower thigh and area outside of the knee! As a former college runner I found this out my sophomore year when IT pain made running at worst borderline unbearable and best incredibly annoying. You see, I just wasn’t into stretching, proclaiming it a waste of time (stupid me right?). Anyways, I’ve recovred from that point of view and now love to stretch my IT band and everything else that I can out with yoga!
Here are a few moves that are especially awesome for the IT band. These poses will help to stretch it out and alleviate some of the pain! They’re targeted for the IT band area but are great poses even if you don’t have a problem there:)

Thanks Nika at
Eat.Tone.Love for the suggestion! Hope they’re helpful:)