Lean Legs HIIT Cardio

Let’s HIIT those legs! Get it!? Ok, not even creative, I know. Anyways, I actually filmed this Wednesday to share Friday cause both of those are my HIIT cardio days. Also, I’m writing this Thursday. Confusing? Maybe. Either way, I am sore from this workout. I’m not sure if it’s the #26week old baby I’m hauling around on the daily or the fact that none of my HIIT workouts have been strictly lower body focused recently but my inner thighs and glutes are crying today from this quick little workout!

SO, like I say repeatedly in this video, engage that glute! Make it work like it’s made to do!

Just like with any other workout, go at a pace that pushed you and makes you work while keeping good form! Form is also going to help you work the muscles that we’re targeting here! Which is always a plus. And being sure to push the pace is of course going to ensure that you’re getting everything you can out of each interval. We’re only here for 16.5 minutes, let’s make ’em count! I know you will! You got this guys!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


42 Second Intervals : 13 seconds rest x 3 rounds
In & Out Drop
Sumo Tap In
Tap Back Lunge R&L
Skate Step
Sumo March

Lean Legs HIIT Cardio