Low Impact Legs

Today’s workout is all about the lower body! It’s a fun little combo of bigger movements and tiny pulses to really get you feeling the burnnn! Cause that’s what we all want in our workouts right?! 😀

Adding in pulses and different tempos to your movements are a great way to add some challenge during your workouts! Most of the time we don’t spend lots of time focusing on holds & pulses so our body isn’t used to them and it can be surprising how quickly they start to burn out that muscle!

Soo embrace the burn, remember it’s gonna bring lots of benefit s in the long run and pulse on through!

You got this guys!

Low Impact Legs

38 seconds work : 12 rest x 4 rounds
Drop Reach
Single Pulse
Sumo Side Reach
Sumo Hold Tap In
Skate Reach
Pulsing Curtsy