Low Impact Total Body Fat Burning HIIT

Happy Friday friiiends! Or whatever day it is when you’re reading this! Today’s workout is a 20 minute low impact total body HIIT that I used for my The Get Fit Guide cardio today(check the full guide here – it has follow alongs like this!)! Yay! I lovee when I get the follow along Friday to fit perfectly into my workout schedule. BEST DAY EVER!

Every time I create a low impact workout, I underestimate how tired I’ll be in the end! I know the exercises, I know it’s going to work up a sweat, that’s the plan, but I always go into it thinking ‘eh it’s low impact, I won’t be too tired by the end’. Wrong! So if you’re deciding if you really want to try this or not because you think it might be a waste of precious workout time because it won’t be challenging. Give it a shot! As you’ll see at the end of this workout, I am out of breath just like I would be any other time :D. Go me for making it hard right? Lol!

So whether you always do low impact, or your just wanna switch things up, give this one a try and let me know how you liked it! It’s full of interesting moves to keep things fun and sweaty.

Whenever you’re doing a HIIT workout, the main goal is to get as much done in the intervals as possible with good form. You want to go hard during the work time. Your pace doesn’t have to be the same as mine or a friend you’re working out with, just a pace that pushes you! When we push ourselves a little more each workout, we gradually make improvements and before you know it, BAM! Huge progress!

Anyways, I’ll stop talking so you can get to sweating!

Low Impact Total Body Fat Burning HIIT

45 seconds work : 15 seconds rest x 4 rounds

Step Crunch Burpee – Start in a full plank. Step feet up to hands one at a time and come to standing. Bring opposite arm and leg together for a standing crunch before placing hands back down and stepping back to full plank. Be sure to switch crunch sides each time! Try to make this as quick as you can keep good form!

Climb & Crawl – Start in a forearm plank on your mat, press yourself up to a full plank and do four mountain climbers (2 each leg). Then lower yourself back to a forearm plank and side crawl on your forearms to the other end of the mat before pushing yourself back up to full plank and repeating. Be especially mindful of engaging your abs and continuing to breathe here!

Tap Kick – Start standing. Step back into a lunge while leaning forward to tap the ground in front of you. Press through your front leg back up to standing and bring the back leg up for a front kick (or tap if modifying). Place kicking leg down at center and repeat on the other side. Go quick but only as quick as you can keep good form!

Kick Open – Start in a full plank. Twist open into a side plank while bringing the bottom leg to kick out in front of your body and reaching the top arm to the sky. Simultaneously place your top arm on the mat and bring your bottom leg back to the ground to end back in a full plank position.

Shuffle Reach – Start in a half squat position. Tap the ground then reach up to the sky, getting up on your toes. Shuffle twice to one side before repeating the tap and reach then shuffling the other direction.

Hope you lovedd the workout! Let me know what you’d like to see next 🙂

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!