Lunge Variations for a Lean Lower Body

Lunge variations are a great way to tone up your legs and lift your butt! Each one can target a different area of your leg creating an awesome lower body workout with variations of one move. Lunges have so many benefits besides just toning up your whole lower half! They’re great for your balance, functional movement and core stability. All of these variations can be weighted or done as seen below! Here’s 5 different lunges you can do for a total lower body toner. Use them together or add them to other workouts!

Lunge variations for a lean lower body and lifted butt! |

Walking lunges- forward and back- Lunging forward alternating each leg as a step. After Lunge backwards alternating each leg.
Glide Lunges- Stay low in a side lunge and glide back and for the from right to left.
V lunges- Start in a standing position, lunge at a 45 degree angle to one side, come back to center then lunge at a 45 degree angle to the other side.
Curtsy lunges- Start in a standing position taking your right leg and lunge by crossing it behind and to your left. Return to the start and repeat with opposite leg.
Back to side lunges- Lunge straight back with one leg, come to standing center and lunge out to the side with the same leg.

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