Making Your Goals & Resolutions Last

We all have goals at some point! Whether they come along with the new year as resolutions or we make them at a random time when we just feel the need, they’re an awesome way to get ourselves going and motivated! The problem can come when we write those goals or resolutions and never look at them again! I’ve done it, I have grand plans for the new year, write them all down and suddenly 7 months later I come across them and go ‘oops’.

This post (and video below) is dedicated to helping you keep those goals working for you and pretty much making them last past January! It’s much easier than it sounds I promise, and beside you’ve got this!! So let’s do it!

Break down big goals. Here’s the thing, a big goal sounds awesome in theory -look how much you’ve accomplished!-but when we try to put it into practice it’s not so great. Where to start? What’s something I can do to actually make that goal happen? The big goal is motivating and awesome to have but I’m going to encourage you to break them down! Whether it’s weekly, monthly or daily, break your goal down into habits that will take to you there step by step. The process is creating small things you can do and steps you can take to build your way to that bigger goal.

Make goals action oriented not result oriented. Yess I know, the results are the fun part! But here’s the thing, we can’t always control exact results. So when we don’t get exactly what we wanted in our head, it can be a little less than motivating. Again, you can have that big goal that helps to motivate you and drive you towards what you want, but make the smaller goals about action. Have a fat loss or muscle gain goal? Create or purchase a workout plan and check those workouts off daily! Keep track of your water and veggie intake! Check those things off daily and weekly so you can see yourself working towards the goal even if maybe the physical progress hasn’t shown up yet. Because consistency over time is what will bring the physical goes later.

Keep them in sight. Like I said before, it’s easy to write down goals and forget they ever existed. Out of sight out of mind after all! That’s why I encourage you to write you goals out and keep them somewhere that you will see them every single day. Yes, a daily look at those goals can do wonders! When you see the goals, it reminds you of what you are working towards and in turn keeps you on track a bit more. So look at those goals every day and remember why you want it!

It’s ok if things don’t go perfectly. This is super important. One of the main reasons that resolutions and goals don’t last is that we fall slightly off track and get discouraged. It’s ok to fall off sometimes!! I cannot stress this enough. The issue doesn’t come with the one or two missed workouts or a Friday pizza night that could have been chicken and veggies, it comes when we let one small ‘slip’ snowball into weeks or even months of being off track. Plus falling off sometimes is just a part of life. Life isn’t perfect and we don’t have to be! What a relief :D. So when things go wrong, accept it and get right back on track as soon as you can! This is a lifestyle and most goals have a long term aspect to them, as long as we’re consistently working on track most days, it’s all good!

I hope something here will help you crush those 2018 goals or any goals you have! Let me know what you liked and what you’d like to see next! You’ve got this guys!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


Making Your Goals & Resolutions Last