Making Your Goals Work for You

Helloo everyone! Today on YouTube I talked about goal setting and how we often set ourselves up for disappointment because of the way we set those goals. With the 2017 right around the corner I wanted to give a few tips for making those new year fitness goals (and other ones too) become a reality! I have the video on this page if you’re interested in the whole thing, it’s a little over 8 minutes I believe, and as promised I wrote a few of the main points in this blog post so that you can use them more easily!


Make your goals work for you by:

Knowing what it takes to get there.
Breaking the goal up into small steps.
Keeping track of those steps in small pieces – daily, weekly etc.

Like I said in the video, if your goal is: ‘I’m going to lose 20 lbs.’ that’s great but it’s not going to be very helpful for actually accomplishing the goal. It’s not specific enough. There’s no plan to get there. So, when writing goals I’m going to encourage you have a plan and to break them down into tiny goals that you can check off and easily track.

With fitness goals it can be easy to just say ok i’ll go to the gym and that’s how it’s going to happen, that’s the whole plan. That’s not specific enough. It’s easy to slowly walk on the treadmill or do something that doesn’t challenge us daily thinking, ‘tomorrow I’ll start kicking it up a notch.’

‘I’m going to lose 20 lbs.’ is a great overall goal but were going to focus on the actions that you’ll take to get there. What will it take to lose 20 lbs? Probably switching up some eating habits and starting some sort of fitness plan (check out The Get Fit Kit. here).
You want to know how you will get to this goal and plan out your steps. This is all just examples so when you do it yourself, make it fit your life! So here we go:

I want to lose 20 lbs

What will it take?

? Eating nutritious foods that fuel me and make me feel great. Avoiding things like pop, sweets and fried food most days and saving them for the occasional treat or night out. Here’s where it’s great to have an actual plan or eating guide or do some research and create your own! Collect some easy healthy recipes on things like pinterest or from blogs you love and have them handy!
? Committing to work on my fitness level so I feel strong and energized. It’s also good to have a fitness guide or plan here. Either get one or do some research for your own! (check out The Get Fit Kit. here). Or create something from my free workouts on Instagram or YouTube if you enjoy them!


Break it up.

Breaking up the goal into small things you can accomplish daily makes you feel good! When you check off that healthy lunch (mentally or physically) it feels awesome and gives you a little motivation boost.
I’m going to..
? Have my workouts planned for the week so it’s easier for me to follow through.
? Get up and do ‘whatever it is’ workout in at 6 am every day before work (or after, or during lunch etc.).
? Have healthy food ready to eat so I can easily make the decision that serves my goal.
? Bring my healthy lunch of ‘whatever it is’ to work so I’m not tempted to run over to the fast food spot across the street.
? Pack healthy snacks to avoid donut day or the vending machine.
? Bring my water bottle so I can drink my 8 glasses of water.


Keeping Track.

Keeping track of all the little things you’ve done is a great way to stay on track. Knowing you’re going to be able to check off that workout can be really motivating. So I encourage you to write your workout in your calendar and check it off! Or even get a little notebook and keep track of what you’re doing daily, how you felt, weights you used etc. so you can really look back and see your progress.

? It’s also important to remember that this whole fitness thing is a lifestyle not a quick week long fix. So if you slip up or fall off track for a meal or even a few days, just hop back on track. The only way you can really destroy the goal is to completely quit and give up. You’ve got this!