Mascara Magic


Alright so this post is a little different than my usual fitness/health posts but it falls under beauty right? So it’s ok! I have always been a little bit of a mascara addict. Ever since I was old enough to wear makeup it was pretty much love at first use. As I began to explore the world of make up I realized that not all mascara’s are created equal. Since then I have been dedicated to an ongoing search to find one that is perfect! A hard task I know, all of them seem to have something I love about them until they’re brought down by something I just can’t tolerate(amazing formula with a bad brush or a formula that flakes with the perfect full amazing brush). Anyways, this post isn’t just for me to ramble on and on about my love hate relationship with mascara! It is to share one that I recently discovered, love, and want to share with all others on this life long perfect mascara trek!The Mascara is Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Eye Mascara! Bobbi Brown Blog -In case you wanna check it out.
Here’s the brush:

So far(and I’ve been using it about a week) I like the brush a lot, it doesn’t make me feel like my lashes are being clumped up. The formula hasn’t flaked on me yet and it definitely lengthens my lashes! Overall I really like it! The only downside is that it runs a little bit expensive. It’s 25-28 dollars online and in department stores. I was lucky enough to find it at a Cosmetics Co. outlet where it’s sold for 19. Still a little pricey but I think it may have me hooked enough to keep buying when I’m near a Cosmetics Co.

Here’s the transformation:

Just some eyeliner here


One coat


Two coats