My 2018 Personal Growth Reading List

I feel like I’ve been talking about doing this forever.. but that’s probably because I said I would towards the beginning of the year! So here we are with my years worth of books. I intended to read 16+ but ended up a few short because in June Noah Robert arrived and I’m literally just getting back to my reading routine in the past month. I definitely notice a difference when I fall of of it but wow, talk about an adjustment period! Anyways, its’ not over til you quit so here I am 5 months later, back to reading! And sharing the list! Video is showing and talking a bit about the top 3 I felt I got the most out of! 🙂 [All of these can be found on my amazon Reading list here!]

Written in the order I read them so no ranking going on below (other than the top 3)!

Uninvited – Lysa Terkeurst –  This almost made my top 3! I got this as a secret santa gift Christmas of 2017 from my now sister in law(I guess everyone knows I love to read:D) and it’s actually the book that introduced me to Lysa Terkeurst and inspired me to read more from her! She’s already in my pile of 2019 books to read. A great read for anyone that has ever felt like an outsider in any way. I truly could have used this book in my high school days. Even if that’s not necessarily something you feel often, it’s definitely a worthwhile read!

The Happiest Life – Hough Hewitt – Not gonna lie, it wasn’t my favorite. It was an ok read but I found myself wanting to rush through to get on with another book. Some good points throughout but not enough to make me pick it up and say I may read this again someday:D.

Crushing It – Gary Vee – I love Gary Vaynerchuck’s no nonsense business advise so of course I had to read his book! It was a really good read but mainly for those who share content for others and have their business on social media!

Made to Crave – Lysa Terkeurst – A really cool look at nutrition and dieting. I didn’t realize that’s what it was about when  I ordered it but I’m glad I stumbled into it. Such a nice perspective on food.

Hoodwinked – Ehman & Schwenk – A great book for any mom who sometimes feels like she can’t do it all. I read it before having Noah and couldn’t relate to a lot of it but definitely want to go back and read it again at some point.

God is In Control – A small devotional with short passages daily. I read it as an extra this year because I got it as a gift and it was a pretty short daily addition! It wasn’t my favorite though. If you’re looking for a devotional this wouldn’t be my top recommendation.

Walk With God – Christ Teigreen – This years daily devotional. It really gets you going a lot deeper and challenges you than most I’ve read. Im not sure I’d of been ready for it as my first devotional though. If you’re looking for a first one try Jesus Calling by Sarah Young! So good!

My Top 3 Books of 2018

Life Interrupted – Priscilla Shirer – I picked this book up while pregnant and it was great. I wasn’t feeling excited, more worried and stressed because it was a surprise and this book really helped me to keep a better perspective. Of course now it seems silly because I couldn’t imagine my life without Noah but anyways,

Happy Women Live Better – Valorie Burton – A great read! Most things by Valorie Burton are though. It goes through 13 (I think?) things that happy women do and don’t do. It helps you to step back and take time to reflect on how you think and what you do to see if it’s really serving you.

The Power of A Praying Woman – Stormie Omartian – Definitely enjoyed this one more than I expected. Not gonna lie, it looked outdated on the cover so my hopes weren’t high. Isn’t there a saying about judging books by their cover.. :D. Anyways, worth the read, encourages you to look at your faith life in different aspects of your whole life.

Ok! I hope this was helpful and I hope you’ll let me know if you read any of these and what you thought!

Sweat, Smile, (Read),  Repeat!