My Favorite Lower Body Stretch Routine

We know that stretching is an important part of our fitness plan and keeping our bodies healthy but it’s often one of the first things to be skipped (at least for me!) after we’re tired from our workout or a little short on time. Here’s a great lower body stretch that’s quick but will target areas that tend to get tight! Read below for a few tips on getting the most out of each of these stretches 🙂

Lower Body Stretch - hips, quads & hammies

Sumo Hold-

A hip opening and inner thigh stretch. Take a wide stance and make sure that your knees and toes are pointing the same direction. Drop your butt and press out with your elbows on your thighs right above your knee for an added stretch.

Wide Reach-

Inner thigh and hamstring stretch. Stretch up tall and fold over like you’re trying to lay your stomach and chest on the ground rather than hunching your back to reach forward. Stay elongated through the upper body in the stretch.

Figure 4 Fold-

Glute, hip and hamstring stretch. Place your foot/ankle on your thigh above the knee keeping your foot flexed. Reaching up to elongate your upper body, fold over your leg like you’re trying to rest your stomach/chest on your thigh rather than hunching.

Figure 4 Twist-

A hip/outer glute stretch. From figure 4 fold, place the foot that is on your quad on the floor and bring your knee up to a position pointing toward the ceiling. Make sure not to strain and twist your neck to get a further twist. Elongate through your upper body and then twist. Using your arm to gently give added pressure to your leg.

Thread the Needle-

A hip and glute stretch. Actively press your lower back to the ground and gently pull your non crossed leg towards your chest. Flex the foot of the crossed leg.

Lying Quad Stretch-

This stretch can be done standing as well as lying down. Gently pull your leg at the ankle towards the back of your body until you feel a stretch in the quad.

Low Lunge-

An amazing hip flexor stretch and a little bit of a quad stretch as well. Take a lunge position and drop your back knee. Pull forward with the hip of the leg that is sent back to square up your hips. Elongate through your upper body to so that you are pulling up towards the ceiling with the top of your head. It may take a second to find your ‘spot’ to really feel this stretch but it’s worth it! We sit a lot and our hip flexors get really tight!

Low Lunge & Quad-

A quad &hip flexor stretch. When in the stretch above, take it a step further by reaching back and grabbing your foot/ankle and gently pulling. If it’s too intense just skip it!