My Top Tips For Staying Motivated

1. Get specific with your goals

Vague goals make for wishy washy commitment which isn’t exactly great for getting things done! Here are some way to supercharge you goals:

Write down your goal and keep it somewhere you will see it. I’ve found that it’s great to write it on a small piece of paper or notecard and put it somewhere you know you’ll see it daily. Keeping your goal in mind will help keep you on track!

Some things you may want to include in your goal: How you will feel when you accomplish it, why you want to accomplish this and some mini goals along the way – these can be daily, weekly, or any amount of time smaller than your goal! Breaking it down gives you a great way to get to your goal in small steps while feeling accomplished along the way.

It also helps to have a plan. That way you can take confident action rather than hoping to stumble into accomplishing your goal. Planning and preparation is always going to give you a higher chance of success in your training and nutrition!(an example goal is at the bottom of the page!)

2. Be grateful

We tend to look at exercise as a chore or just another thing we have to fit in out day. Instead looking at it that way, focus on how lucky we are to have our health and the ability to move our body! Health is something so invaluable to our daily lives and we sometimes take it for granted! Being blessed with the ability to exercise and work towards our fitness goals is a wonderful (though sometimes painful :D) thing!

3. Shift your focus.

Rather than focusing on not wanting to start that workout, or what pain it is to make a salad instead of grab fast food, think of how amazing and accomplished you’re going to feel once you do it. You’ll feel like a star for sticking to your plan and every time you do it you’re even more likely to stick with it next time. Positive momentum builds up!

4. Celebrate the small victories

You completed that workout today? You’re a superstar! Be sure to acknowledge your small accomplishments along the way. Every small step you take forward is another step towards your goals and you should feel proud of yourself for getting there! Did you take less pauses to breathe in that interval workout today? Move up from 12 to 15 pound weights? Or finish the whole workout when you thought maybe you’d quit halfway through? That’s progress! And it adds up. Get in the habit of thinking of something you did really well during your workout right after you finish. It takes about 2 seconds but it pays off, making you feel better about what you just accomplished.


Here’s an example of making your goal specific:

Goal – I want to get consistent with my fitness plan so I feel confident for my beach trip in 2.5 months.

Ways to get there: following a good nutrition and training plan.

Why do I want this? I want to feel confident and strong in my body. I want to prove to myself I can do it.

How will I feel when I accomplish this? I’ll feel amazing knowing that I put in the work, accomplished my goal and am living a lifestyle that I want to be living. I’ll know that I can do it when I really put the effort in and that’s a great feeling.

Plan: I will do 40 minutes of resistance training 3 days a week and 20 minutes of  HIIT cardio 3 days a week along with staying away from sugary processed foods and following my laid out nutrition. (You can get a plan from someone like the Get Fit Guide or make your own!) This can definitely get more specific and broken down to the weeks/day but I’ll leave that to you!

Things that will keep me on track: The beach trip! Being prepared with my food before it’s time to eat. Scheduling in time to go workout.

Mini goal example: I will stick with my healthy food choices after work tonight by eating my salmond and sweet potato for dinner and a banana and almond butter for my snack.