Oil Cleanse for Clear Skin

This is one of the things (besides the apple cider vinegar astringent and honey cinnamon mask) that has been a blessing for me and clearing up my face. I was a little bit skeptical at first, fearing that it would back fire and give me even more pimples than usual. Thankfully, the opposite happened. I have been doing this nightly for a little over two weeks and have seen a tremendous difference in my face! So much so that I desperately wish I had taken a before&after picture to show you guys! Anyways, let me get down to the basics of the oil cleanse so that hopefully it can help more people like it helped me!(Oh by the way, my oil mix right now is equal parts jojoba oil, tamanu oil and a tiny bit of castor oil mixed in)

Basically you choose a mixture of oils that you think will be best for the problems that your face has. Castor oil is generally the base oil with others added to it. I started with 50% castor oil and it was drying my face out a little bit and I have a pretty oily face, so I would be careful with your amount of castor oil at first and experiment from there! Essential oil are extras that can be added to carrier oils, which are necessary for the cleanse. Everything I have listed are carrier oils. I haven’t gotten into essential oils yet! Here are a list of popular oils for the cleanse:

Castor oil– A base oil that is great for remove dirt from your skin. Can be drying so if you have dry skin and want to try castor oil make sure it is a small amount
Hazelnut oil- Can be used instead of castor oil because it is also an astringent oil. Good for acne prone skin.
Jojoba oil It is a great natural moisturizer, is non-comedogenic and it is close to skin’s own natural sebum. This oil is a often used because it helps with acne.
Grapeseed oil- This oil is used because it is light, quick to absorb and is has astringent properties so it’s good for acne. It is also said to have anti aging properties.
Extra virgin olive oil-It generally works with any skin type and is a good moisturizer.
Sweet almond Oil-Also a great moisturizer. Softens skin and is good for an even complexion and for acne.
Sunflower oil- It is high in vitamins and helps to heal damaged skin. It is also antibacterial.
Tamanu oil-It is good for helping fade scars and for acne.

So, now that you have some oils you’d like to try(my list is by no means the only options) here’s how it works. After splashing some warm water on your face like you would with regular facial cleanser. You simply massage your mixture of oils onto your skin for 1-2 mins and then leave it sit about 30 seconds longer after that. After you’ve done this you get a hot washcloth and set it on your face so that the oil is easy to wipe off. It’s important that you make sure to wipe it all off of your face afterwards!

Just as a rule of thumb it is best to always buy organic or cold pressed/ expelled oils so you know what you’re getting!

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