Practical Tips to Stay Motivated

It’s happens to all of us, we get super pumped for our new goal, fitness plan or whatever it may be then suddenly it’s like we hit a wall. Motivation is lost, excitement has faded and we’re left feeling a little defeated or at the very least less motivated. It’s ok!! Everyone loses motivation sometimes, how rewarding would it be if we woke up every day wanting to improve and it didn’t take any strength and determination!?

This post is just a few tips to help you stick it out and stay motivated! Video at the bottom as usual! 🙂

Find accountability – It can be anything! Write on a fitness friends IG post, my IG posts, find someone you casually say hey to at the gym every day that will notice you aren’t there if you miss, tell a friend, your boyfriend, husband or any family member. Find a way to say what you’re going to do (or just did) to someone besides yourself. I promise it makes you think twice before skipping that workout!

Give yourself small rewards – You don’t have to wait until your reach  your goal to be happy or proud of yourself. You’re taking steps every day to get there! So, even if it’s just a few minutes post workout to talk yourself up, give yourself a mental pat on the back or revel in your amazing-ness for staying on track this week, do it! Bigger ‘small’ rewards also don’t have to be food, they don’t have to be anything that takes you off the path to your goals! If you’ve been crushing it all week, give yourself that extra 10 or 15 minutes of time to play that game, read a few extra pages of a book you love, watch that extra episode of whatever show it is.

Surround yourself with things that motivate you and keep you inspired – In the video, I show you my messy desk (trusting you won’t judge :D). I show it to you so that you can see all the tiny little reminders I post to remind myself to keep thinking positively. They don’t have to be fancy  or store bought. Though I find some of mine on the clearance shelves at TJMaxx and Marshalls, a lot of them are my own handwriting on note cards with a saying that really resonated or impacted me. Another great way to do this is to listen to positive vlogs or podcasts while driving or read positive books! I’m always reading some book that helps me to stay positive or make progress in some part of my life, even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day!

Believe you can do it – This is something that may not be natural to you. It wasn’t to me. It took years of replacing negative thoughts with positive, affirming ones for me to start naturally thinking I could do the things I wanted to do. I’ll be honest, sometimes I still have to put a little extra effort to think this way. That effort is worth it. Believe in you! Even if it’s forced at first, it starts becoming more natural and makes a huge impact.

Make your goal meal something to you – I mention this a lot, just because building glutes of having a six pack is popular in fitness, doesn’t mean it’s something that you care about. Make your goals matter to you! Relate it to something meaningful in your life that keeps you going.

Motivation vs commitment – Here’s a big one. There will be days you don’t want to do whatever it is you need to. It happens, motivation fades. It’s not just you, it’s normal! I have days where the thought of working out just makes me feel exhausted but I always feel better after I push through and get it done. Be committed to those goals. Don’t be wishy washy. When I used to say ‘maybe I’ll do this’ or ‘I think I’m going to stay away from sugar this month’, I was never successful. Really making the decision to go for it makes all the difference. When we’re indecisive it gives us and easy ‘out’ when we’re feeling unmotivated.

Ok guyyys! I hope some of these helped you! Remember, You’ve got this!!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


Practical Tips to Stay Motivated