Red White&Blueberry July 4th Fruit Pops

July 4th Fruit Pop

Could these July 4th Fruit Pops get any more awesome? They’re healthy, tasty, cutely patriotic annnd could not be easier to make! I’m dying to eat them already so we’ll have to see if they become 3rd of July pops for me, but that’s ok because they make a great summer treat no matter what day it is! So go ahead and try them out:)

What you need

Popsicle mold

What to do

If you want these to be ultra smooth I recommend blending each fruit(separately) but not to the point of liquefaction because they won’t be able to stay in separate layers in the molds!

If you don’t mind a few fruit chunks then you can pretty easily smash them up yourself with a fork of even a muddler.

Next you’re just going to pour them into the mold one in the order you want your colors!

After this is done put the molds into the freezer and wait unit they are completely frozen. It doesn’t need to be overnight or anything but it will take a couple hours(I checked back in 2 hrs and they weren’t close. Then 6 hours later and they were perfect so somewhere in there they froze).

When taking them out of the molds just run some hot water over them if they stick. You wanna be careful not to yank the holder out of the popsicle!

Last step? Enjoy these Red White and Blueberry July 4th Fruit Pops with family and friends:)

Ok, I love home made popsicles! You can control what goes in them and they’re so quick and easy to make for a fun and healthy treat on a hot day. If you want a more creamy popsicle recipe try these Summer Protein Popsicles. A great way to get your chocolate fix and a little extra protein in your day!