Resistance Band Upper Body Workout

Welcome to the totally toning resistance band upper body workout! You’re going to work all over your upper body with this workout. It’s great! The only equipment you need is some resistance bands. These are awesome because you can take them anywhere! They easily rollup in your suitcase without taking much space you can still get your workout in on the go. Perfect! This workout focuses on the upper body but there are tons of different ways to use the bands that work all over, you can get a pretty good total body workout like the one here! Even if you aren’t on the go they can be a nice switch from dumbbell exercises, it’s always good to keep things exciting of yourself!:) Anwyays,it’s time to get strong! So on to the workout..

Resistance Band Upper Body Workout Plan

So, you’ve got your bands all ready and you’ve seen the moves, so here’s the plan! You’re going to do 8-12 reps of each move. If you have a higher/harder resistance(heavier weight)for the move you will do lower reps. so closer the 8 range and if your band is a little easier you’ll do higher reps so somewhere near 12. Keep in mind that even when i’m saying”easier” you don’t want it to be too easy! You won’t get awesome rests from picking a band that isn’t any challenge at all!
3-4 sets
8-12 reps each move

The bands in this video are from dynapro on! But if you google resistance bands or resistance tubing you can find tons of different options to fit whatever your specific resistance band needs are! When ordering bands make sure the resistance- weight equivalent is what you need. You don’t want to end up with bands that are way too easy or too difficult to be of any use to you!