Run for the Hills!

Today I will be running the annual Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC. I’ve never done it before and I am not in my prime running shape so here’s to hoping I survive! In honor of the run I’ve put together a nice hill workout that will hopefully spice up your workouts or running routine! Oh in case you’re wondering why this relates to hills.. You run a straight mile up hill on the bridge! 

Hill running workouts have huge benefits including increased speed, extra fat burn and awesomely toned legs and butt because your butt is powering you up those hills!

This workout is basically hill intervals. You’re going to find a nice hill (you can always use stadium stairs if you live somewhere flat or just like them better) and you’re going to run up it at a hard pace for 25 seconds or when you run out of hill. Then you’ll jog down the hill and somewhere pretty flat for your 1 min rest. Do 3 of these then take a set break of a 3 min jog before doing another set of 3 more. If you really want a  tough workout add another set of 3 hills! So here it is written out:

2-3 sets of
3x 25sec hill fast
1 min rest between hills
4 min rest between sets
Run Hills