Run Less, Burn More

If you want to get even more out of your runs but don’t have the time to keep adding extra miles interval training is for you! You can burn more fat faster with an interval workout than a steady state run. When making your interval workout you should have a work to rest ratio of 1:2 so if you go hard for 30 seconds, you would recover with an easy pace for 1 minute. Here’s what one of these workouts might look like:

Warm up 1/2 mile
Run 2 miles while repeating this sequence
1:30 jog followed by :45 second hard run
Cool down 1/2 mile

Interval training is a great way to improve speed, burn more fat and calories and save time! They’re also a great way to make runs more fun and interesting if you’ve been tired of the same old workouts and long runs. With all these benefits why not give them a try?