So I Just Ate My Weight In Chocolate Ice Cream and Pizza… Now What?

1. Let it go
Yep just like in Frozen! You can’t beat yourself up for something that can’t be changed. So you just need to quit worrying about it,I forgive you, you should too! Everyone has one of those days where they just feel like they can’t help eating the cake, candy etc. Soo don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re not alone!
let it go
2. Get back on track
Just because you ate something unhealthy doesn’t mean the rest of your day or week is ruined and can be an all out binge of pizza, candy and ice cream! You’ve heard the saying.. just because you drop your phone doesn’t mean you go and smash it to bits after. Don’t write off healthy eating after one small mess up. A slip up can be turned into motivation for healthy choices the rest of they day. Dont turn it into not eating the rest of the day. That will just created more binging on unhealthy foods the tomorrow because you’re body is starving.
3. Remember it’s ok to treat yourself sometimes just don’t let it turn into a dietary habit of sugar overload. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean depriving yourself of everything you like! If you’re always trying to east 100% perfectly eventually you’re going to have a huge breakdown rather than just allwoing yourself to indulge a little bit every once in a while. Treats just need to be eaten in moderation and not to the point of feeling sick after eating it! As hard as it is, stick to the serving size and you won’t feel so much guilt.
4. Plan to do better I always find that my crazy feasts on sugary or unhealthy foods come when I find myself with nothing healthy in mind to eat already. If you have healthy food stocked and readily available you’re much more likely to choose it! One of the easy parts of eating poorly is the food is all pre packaged and easy to eat, make eating healthy easier and you’ll choose it more often!