Squat Tutorial

I was asked a about 2 weeks ago to do a little tutorial and tips video on perfecting squat form and here it finally is!  After being sick last week I feel like I pretty much lost and entire 7 days to a black hole of nothingness (hello no blog posts). At last I am feeling mostly better and am back to getting things done! Thank goodness! I can’t remember the last time I was sick enough to have me out of commission for that long or really the last time I was sick at all.  Anyways, back to the important thing at hand, squats! This is a move that can really create some issues if your form gets sketchy! Knee aches, lower back pain, all the things that you don’t want on leg day!

Soo I’m going to write out some tips below to go along with the video, they’re of course also all in the video along with demonstrations but these are going to be here for some quick refreshers in case  you don’t want to watch the video lots of times or take notes on it :D.

It’s super important to choose form over speed when working out! Great for prevents injuries and creates better results! When you have great form you’re really targeting and working the muscles that you’re meaning to! This becomes especially important once you start adding weight to a squat or doing a plyo version. So let’s get that good form ! 🙂

Squat Tutorial Video




Quick Squat Tips:

Place feet about (or slightly wider) than hip width. Whatever is most comfortable for you.

Toes should point forward or verrry slightly out. Not out in a sumo position or inward.

Abs should be engaged. Pull that bellly button to the spine!

Keep your chest open and lifted. You don’t want to hunch your shoulders or have your chest facing the ground here! If you had something written across the chest part of your shirt, someone should be able to read it even at the bottom of your squat.

Weight should be in your heels and the balls of your feet. Keep it out of your toes. If it helps, lift up your big toe to remind yourself that no weight should be there!

When starting your squat, hips go back and knees bend to accommodate sinking down to the ground. The movement should never start by your knees jutting forward! Hips press your butt back and drop down!

Knees shouldn’t move laterally. Do your best to keep them steady rather than allowing them to bow in or out during the squat.


Good form takes lots of practice! If you think you’re having trouble with it I would definitely recommend squatting in a mirror! It can be really eye opening and definitely help you to work on form! If you don’t know you have anything wrong with your form, then you can’t fix it!


I hope this helped! 🙂


Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


xx Niki