Stay on Track When You’re Short on Time

We all go through times when we are wayyy busier than normal or our usual schedule just isn’t going to work. For me, it was wedding week. It just seems like there is something to do every day from the early morning to the wee hours of the night. One thing that tends to happen during times like these is falling off track with our healthy lifestyle. Even if you’ve been amazingly dedicated for months, it’s easy to suddenly find yourself  4 days deep of missed workouts or in the drive through wondering “how did that happen?”. Here’s a few of my simple tips for staying on track when things get hectic!

1. Fit in What You Can – It’s easy to decide to just skip a workout when we know we don’t have time for our full or normal routine. For some reason our brain like to play the ‘all or nothing game’ with us. ‘If you can’t do your entire workout, why do anything at all?’ Because even 15 or 20 minutes is soo much more beneficial than nothing! It’s will help if you’re stressed, it will keep you on track and it will give you some time away from your busyness (even if it’s not a long time). So whether you pick a quick YouTube video like my 19 Minute Butt & Thigh Shaper or you’re doing the Get Fit Guide and decide you can only fit one round in(though the full workouts are just 30 minutes :D). Do what you can!


2. Have A Plan–  When you know what you’re going to do, it’s much more likely that it’s going to get done. Take a few minutes to plan your workouts for the week or invest in a plan like The Get Fit Guide, that lays everything out for you. Thinking about what you’re going to do right before you work out often leads to not working out. It can be exhausting figuring out what you want to do on the spot and take up more time that could be put towards the actual workout!


3. Schedule Your Workout – I’m a big believer in getting up and down your workout first thing! That way nothing can suddenly come up that keeps you from getting it done. I do realize that morning workouts aren’t for everyone! Especially if your morning already starts really early. So, have a time that you know you’re going to work out. If you have it planned into your day it is much more likely to happen than if you decide to just do it whenever you have some time. The time quite often never comes. So think of what you have to do and figure out when the best time for you to sneak in a quick sweat will be!


4. Have Healthy Snacks Ready – This is a huge help. Having healthy snacks on hand (and going even further by prepping some meals) will keep you from grabbing those chips from the vending machine when you start to get hungry. I have 2 rules when leaving the house: 1. bring a healthy snack 2. bring water. There’s lots of great options like home made Easy Power Brownie Bites , Larabars, or any kinds of nuts,  fruits and veggies!


5. Keep Water on Hand – Going along with rule number 2 for leaving the house.. always have water! There are massive benefits to drinking enough water daily and even more when that water is replacing things like pop or other sugary drinks. One can of pop alone has enough sugar for days and we often drink more than one can in a day! Do your best to keep water with you at all times so you reap the benefits!


Remember You Need This – Training and good nutrition is sometimes the first thing to go because we think of it as an ‘extra’. One of those things that’s great but not really necessary in our lives. I promise you that if you make the time to keep on track, it will make those hectic times in your life much easier and less stressful. There’s something great about knowing you did took the time(even if it’s not long!) work towards your goals, and benefit your mind and body that day even though you had a to do list that was 10 feet long. It also won’t be hanging over your head! Which is always a plus for your peace of mind.

Hope this was helpful to you! Let me know what other posts you’d like to see:)


Sweat, Smile, Repeat