Staying on Track | Tips & Mindset

Today’s post is a combination of some of the things I’ve found most important to remember for staying on track! Whether they’ve helped me, past clients or friends, they all do wonders when we implement them or remember them!

Today’s list is split between practical tips and some mindset shifts! All of which are simple to start implementing but make a massive difference once we get them down!

So, let’s get on track and stay there! 🙂 [If you’d rather watch/listen full video below!]

Staying on Track

Have a plan. This is the most concrete tip of the day. It doesn’t matter what your goal is. Fitness or otherwise, sit down a create a plan of action. What are things you can do daily and weekly to take small steps there? Not only does it give you direction but checking off the small steps every day can be a huge motivation boost! Small steps daily add up to big results!

Remember it’s not ‘all or nothing’. Here is something that used to get me good. I was so strict with my workouts that if I couldn’t do it perfectly I was skipping the workout completely. How much sense does that make? None! Why not do what I could for the day and keep my momentum going? Because I was too stuck on perfection! I did this with my eating as well, one treat would lead to a ‘today is already ruined’ mindset and I would eat allll the treats! Instead of just hopping back on track it could turn into days of every treat in sight. Remember, the goal isn’t perfection. The goal is creating a healthy lifestyle that we can maintain and actually enjoy living! So next time you have a ‘slip’ no matter what it is or something comes up and your usual just isn’t possible, do what you can! Adjust & conquer!

Realize you won’t always be motivated. Also realize this is normal! When you expect yourself to be on a constant high of motivation it creates an ‘easy out’ for you on days when you don’t feel the motivation. When you think you should constantly feel motivated then of course on days when you aren’t you should just do what you feel like doing, skip. Not so! We are human, we have feelings. They just don’t always align with our goals or what we have planned to get done that day. I can’t tell you how many times ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ has crossed my mind. But usually tomorrow never comes. So next time you’re not feeling motivated know that it’s normal and every has those days or even weeks! Remind yourself of why you’re doing it, why you want it and just knock it out!

I hope some of these were helpful for you! They’re definitely things that have helped me to create a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain long term so I wanted to be sure and share! Always remember, giving your best is what counts!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


Staying on Track