Super Simple Granola

Hello everyone! Annd welcome to my first blog post in quite a while! I became obsessed with smoothie bowls while in Bali back in October.  So today, since it was rainy, gloomy and I hadn’t had one in about 3 months it was the perfect time for an experiment.

The reason I quit eating smoothie bowls was the granola. Every brand I checked, even the healthy ones had so much sugar, random preservatives or some flavor I didn’t like. Half the reason (ok maybe most of the reason) I enjoyed the bowls was the granola crunch mixed in with the smoothie so I just quit having them.

Fast forward to now and the awesome smoothie bowl I’m currently eating, which is the reason I’m writing this post about making super simple granola. It’s really quick, really easy and you control what goes in it.

What You’ll Need:

1.5 Cups Oats20160223_152843

1/3 Cup Applesauce

3-4 Tbsp Honey

1 tsp Vanilla


A quick note on honey: They type of honey you use makes a difference. Honey as an alternative and ‘better’ for you sweeter depends on the healthy benefits still being in tact after processing. Many of the brands at the grocery store aren’t much better than using regular sugar because it gets stripped of all its benefits during processing and sometimes has added sweeteners. Definitely do a little research and decide what’s right for you! 🙂

What To Do:

Put your oats in a large bowl then mix the applesauce, vanilla and honey in. Be sure to get all of the oats evenly covered!

Spread the oats out on a pan(i used parchment paper), making sure that they are spread really thin! You don’t want clumps here or the oats won’t get crispy at all. Do your best to spread it apart even though its sticky! You may want to test a little piece and see if the level of sweetness is ok for you! Mine is not overly sweet.

Cook at 325 degrees F for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes bring the pan out of the oven and break apart the granola, mixing it all around. I there are any clumps here you’ll want to really separate them. It is going to be stuck together a little if there were pieces touching. That’s normal!

Cook for 15 more minutes at the same temperature.

Enjoy your granola!