Swiss Ball Six Pack Moves

Swiss Ball Six Pack |

The amazing thing about this Swiss Ball Six Pack workout is that you not only get an awesome ab workout but you also work a lot of other parts of your body in the process, meaning you get more bang for your buck! And who doesn’t like that? Besides the other body benefits, the swiss ball makes sure that your abs are engaged during certain moves because you have to tighten up your core to keep balance. It’s a great piece of equipment to add to your ab/core days! Scroll to the bottom for some written tips for each move!(They’re shown/explained in the video)

The Swiss Ball Six Pack Moves

Try this workout 1-3 rounds depending on the strength of your core.

12 Side Rolls
12 Side Leg raises
15 Leg raises
12 Roll ins
15 Ball passes
10 Pikes

Side Rolls- Keep your entire core tight and engaged here. You want your body to be in a straight line so don’t let your booty sink! Use your abs to shift your lower body to one side making the ball roll that way as much as you can before using your abs to pull your lower body back to center(upper stays still). Shift to the opposite side the same way, back to center and repeat!

Side Leg Raises-Make sure to squeeze the ball tight between your legs so that it doesn’t drop, this will also engage your inner thighs to the max(an awesome bonus)! Concentrate on engaging your core(pulling in your belly button helps with this) and using your abs to pull your legs up!

Leg Raises- Pretty much your basic leg raise here but you have to keep the ball between your legs adding some more awesome inner thigh work! Your legs are also in a different position from a normal leg raise so you’ll be using some different areas! Do your best to pull in your belly button and really focus on using your abs!

Roll Ins- You’re going to love this one because you will feel it in the lower abs area! With your feet on the ball and in a full plank position(arms under shoulders) Keep your entire core tight and engaged just like you would in a normal plank. When rolling your knees to your chest really focus on using your core to draw your legs/the ball in.

Ball Passes- This one has that inner thigh bonus again because you’re squeezing the ball between your legs. Start with the leg raise from earlier and when your legs and the ball are at the top of the movement crunch up and grab the ball out of your legs, lower your upper body and then crunch back up to place the ball back between the legs before lowering them. Really do your best to pull in your belly button and use your abs to pull you up during the crunch part of the movement and keep your neck from straining!

Pikes- Starting with your body in a full plank with your feet on the ball remembering to have a tight and engaged core use your abs to draw your legs in without bending them and allow your butt to go into the air turning your body into an upside down V.