Swiss Ball Six Pack Workout

A quick core challenge for you! It’s only seven minutes but if you’re engaging your core the entire time, you’ll feel it! I was soreee then next day which isn’t a bad thing, right? 😀

You can also modify with a chair and a pillow if you don’t have a swiss ball available.

If you’re pregnant of postpartum be extra careful about engaging your deep core and using the right breathing for that! You can see videos talking about those methods here! Though I’m talking about a lot of it in terms of pregnancy and postpartum, it’s a great watch for anyone that really wants a better handle on how their core should engage!

I’m actually going to go and do this video now, small writing break! I do feel slightly silly watching myself but it’s just so nice to not think and just follow along some days LOL! I’ll pretend it’s not me.

Anyways, let me know if you give this a try! Enjoy!

Swiss Ball Six Pack Workout

Workout details:
42 seconds work : 10 rest x 2 rounds
Swiss Ball Dead Bug
Extended Scissors
Swiss Ball March
Plank Tap Downs

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!