The Champion of all Chicken Dinners and only 5 ingredients

Alright guys tonight I am sharing my dinner with you! I love it, it’s actually probably sad how much I love it but as a person who tends to eat a lot of chicken( I try so hard to keep my meals healthy..It works sometimes) this one is definitely my favorite.
So there are only 5 ingredients.. the chicken just isn’t pictured:)

What you’ll need
Parmesan cheese
Italian style bread crumbs(super cheap at Aldi if you live near one)
cooking cherry( optional but I think it makes it so much better)

What to do
I made quite a few of these so I could eat them for the next few days(again, I love them) so you’ll use less ingredients if you aren’t making a pan full but it’s mostly estimating anyways.
-Melt your butter(I used 1/3 stick) in a bowl
-Mix your parmesan cheese and Italian crumbs in another bowl(estimate enough to cover the chicken but if there’s a little extra it can be poured on top) 1 part italian crumbs to 1 part parmesan cheese(I used 1/2 cupp each)
-You’ll dip the thawed chicken in the butter and roll it in the mixture
-Cook this for about 15 mins on 350 degrees before taking them out and drizzling a mixture of a small amount of melted butter(1/4 stick) and cooking cherry(a little more than the liquified butter) on the chicken and cooking for 5 more mins. The result is a lightly breaded and amazing chicken breast!