The Easiest Power Brownie Bites

Ok so I’ve posted some brownie bites before but this is the simplest version of them with only 3 ingredients! I make them pretty often because of that, easy is pretty much always my favorite! One of the greatest things about these is they completely get my chocolate cravings. I can have these instead of brownies and am completely ok with that, which is crazy because I love brownies and chocolate and fudge delicious things that don’t do my body any favors! Anyways, now that you probably want something chocolate thanks to me, here’s the recipe 😀

What you’ll Need:

A food processor/ Blender

1 Cup Cashews (I usually use unsalted/not roasted)

12 dates

1/4 Cup Cacao

Possibly a few drops of water

* You can also use another nut or add seeds here if you aren’t a cashew fan! What matter is your base of nuts = 1 Cup for the 12 dates

What to Do:

– If your dates are hard, soak your the, in hot water for about 3 minutes – don’t leave them in long or they’ll get too saturated! (Save the water for a possible later step)

– Put the nuts in your food processor/blender and process/blend until they’re crumbly with no huge chunks.

-You can do this next step 2 ways:

  1. pour out your processed/blended cashews into a bowl and blend up the dates separately, adding the nuts back in to blend together
  2.  add the dates into the processed nuts and blend everything together. This 2nd way will save you a dirty dish but you may have to put a little more effort into scraping down the sides and starting and stopping the processor/blender. I do it this way!

– Process your dates together whichever way you choose, when they’re almost completely mixed together, add your cacao and keep blending/processing until everything is nice and mixed! Don’t worry if you do have to stop and scrape the sides down – They’ll work! If you need to, add a few teaspoons of he date soaking water just be careful not to add too much or they’ll be a weird and too sticky consistency! Even without the water they’ll eventually all come together.

– Roll into balls and eat!

– Keep them in a air tight container in the fridge, they last pretty long! Chances are you’ll eat them long before they go bad 😀


Enjoy everyone!