The Struggle is Real..Healthy Food Tastes So Good?

Ahh, food. Some times I feel like I might be fighting a losing battle here. If i like it, it’s bad for me and if it makes me wanna run to the nearest trashcan and spit it out.. it’s a superfood! My latest struggle with this was caving in and making an amazingly delicious and also amazingly unhealthy dessert of golden graham rice crispies with fudge icing and Oreos crumbled on top. Writing that now I’m sure people will wonder if I was trying to make the most unhealthy dessert on the planet but they were delicious! And after eating them all night last night I woke up with the renewed will power that I always have in the morning wondering why in the world I did that! Because up until that point I had a pretty healthy day that I’m sure was countered by the 1000 extra calories of sugar eaten. It’s tough in a world where 99% of the food marketed to us is unhealthy in some way, fried, fake, full of added sugars and terrible for us! It is made to be much simpler to just hit the drive through and snack on some already made packaged and delicious Oreos than make our own healthy dinner and attempting those healthy no sugar added cookies you found on Pinterest. And on top of that healthy eating can sometimes be a little bit confusing right? Should we cut carbs? Does fat make us fat? Who knows! And it’s easier not to know. But! It is something worth knowing. And even with the occasional days of eating something incredibly unhealthy, like my dessert yesterday, if you try to eat healthy most of the time those kinds of splurges won’t kill you. Soo here are a few simple things to keep in mind when attempting to eat healthy! I’m no expert but these are just some simple things to keep in mind(:

-Eat fried food
-Eat it if high fructose or hydrogenated oils are in the ingredients
-Drink pop. It’s very very bad for your teeth and body. Lots of sugar and sodium and chemicals that cause weight gain among other things
-Eat if you see sugar alcohols. If you have unexplained stomach problems this might be whats giving them to you (xylotol, malitol, sorbitol etc..) They’re in a lot of sugar free foods and give tons of people GI problems
-Eat mostly processed foods(this is a hard one). Candies, cookies, frozen meals (most things boxed and packaged) they have a lot of added sugars and other chemicals
-Stay away from bleached enriched breads, pastas, grains

-Eat protein(chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, red meat etc..)
-Eat fruits and veggies
-Drink enough water
-Drink tea
-Eat whole wheat and whole grains where the main ingredient is actually whole wheat
-A good general rule is the less ingredients the better!
-Give yourself a break every now and then, it’ll help keep away complete meltdowns:)