This Week’s Grocery Haul

When I asked if I should share more nutrition info, I got a huge yes! Sooo here we are! Food food fooood. We love it, we need it and sometimes it can be confusing. I’m sharing a grocery store trip that stocked up a few of my essentials so you can get a better idea of what I have in my kitchen!

Before we get started, my basic philosophy on food is to keep it real and whole as much as possible while allowing yourself to enjoy ‘indulgences’ occasionally to feel like you’re living life! The balance is going to be difference for everyone and even different for each person depending on the time of their life or their current goals. Basically, you should be happy with the balance you create in your life between indulging and sticking with healthy, nourishing foods!

A note on organics & sources of meat: I talk a little about free range chicken, wild caught salmon and organic almond milk. It’s not necessary to buy all organic, super high quality sourced meat. It’s going to be ideal but it’s not always going to fit in the budget! Go for it when and where you can. Eating conventionally grown veggies is still a million times better for you that eating processed foods! Keep it simple, do what you can and don’t stress 😀

The grocery haul:




Almond milk

Rolled Oats


French Green Beans





Alright! There it is, this isn’t a be all end all list! If you like different fruit or veggies go for those! They’ll also probably changed depending on what’s in season! It’s also not my entire list, I’ll have to stop back when I fill in the gaps with stuff I already had and link the two posts!

Some other things I always have:

Leafy Greens



Cacao Powder


Hope this was helpful for you! Let me know below what else you’d like to see!


Sweat, Smile, Repeat! And Eat:D