Tips for Visible Abs & What Doesn’t Work for Belly Fat

Alright guys, I’m seeing it everywhere on social media, things that promise quick fixes and fast results but in reality are a waste of money and emotional investment! Cause lets be honest, it’s hard not to fall into the hype and excitement of something promising everything you want. So today’s post and vlog are dedicated to fitness tips that actually help get your to your six pack goals! 🙂 Then of course we’ll touch on a few things that aren’t all they promise to be and are a waste of money. I’m always asked ‘how to get abs’ so here we go! Let’s get rid of the crazy claims and confusion here! (as usual, video at the end if you’d rather watch/listen!)

Something that’s important to remember before we start is that we all have different body types! How quickly we make progress in any given area is going to depend on where we hold our fat, belly, hips, butt, thighs etc. You can look at two super fit, low body fat women and their abs will look/show differently. We are all unique in that way! Soo no comparing, just doing our best to be our best and get those goals!

So this is going to be pretty simple information! It’s nothing wild, extreme or crazy. The trick, as with making progress in anything, is to be consistent with it! You’ve gotta work towards your goals for a while to get where you want to go, especially if you want your that progress to last once you get there. Consistency with your efforts is so key!

Tips for Visible Abs

Consistently eating a well rounded nourishing diet. We’re talking veggies, protein sources, fruit, healthy fats, non processed carbs with some whole grains, nuts, seeds etc. Then steering clear of things like overly processed foods and sugar. These have a big correlation with stubborn lower belly fat! And always remember that hydration is an important part of any well rounded eating plan! [Check out the Get Fit Food Guide if you want great tips and helpful info all in one spot!]

Consistently workout out with a well rounded total body plan. There can be a lot of confusion here..  If we want to see abs, shouldn’t we just focus there? Nope! You abs are going to benefit from almost all exercises you’re doing and in different ways. They should be working in squats, push ups, lunges, and all of our other movements. The work and ‘training’ they get from the rest of our plan is important! We want our workout plan to be well rounded throughout the week. So while one or two days may be HIIT and ab targeted, there also need to be days in there where we work our upper body, lower body and everything else! I promise, this will help you more that solely focusing on traditional ab exercises. [If you’re looking for help and don’t want to create your own plan, check out the SugarySixPack App or Get Fit Guide in the main menu above! :)]

What Doesn’t Work

Now lets touch on a few things that wont help! I want to touch on these because they are either a waste of your money or your time while getting to your goals, and I want you to get to your goals!! 🙂

Doing hundreds of crunches (or any ab exercise) daily will sculpt a six pack. This is a hugee myth our there. You don’t need to specifically target your abs daily, just like any other muscle, you wanna give them a rest! Twice a week is plenty but if you want, go for it 3 times. Just don’t target them daily! Like we talked about before, a well rounded workout plan is key for your progress!

Skinny Teas will help your lose weight and see your abs. I love tea so skinny teas that make wild claims make me a little bit salty! These types of teas usually include an ingredient called senna that will cause you to go to the bathroom, pretty much giving your a ‘flushing out’ every night when you drink it. This may temporarily decrease bloating and make it seem like you’re getting results but it’s not something that should be used for physical progress. Tea can be great, there are so many out there with health benefits. Just be careful with the ‘skinny’ teas and ones that claim weight loss! The occasional ‘flush out’ during times of constipation etc can be helpful to get things going again, but generally it’s not a nightly ritual for temporary progress like these teas turn it into!

Waist trainers will help my progress. Waist trainers are pretty much modern day corsets, which aren’t great for the organs and ribs being smushed by them constantly for hours at a time. This is another product that is relying on the fact that people just want something to help them to their goals so they will give it a shot. There can be legitimate reasons for splinting abs, like the first few weeks post pregnancy in some cases, but it’s not going to get you a six pack.

I hope this helped you!! I love hearing from you so let me know what you thought below! 🙂

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


Tips for Visible Abs & What Doesn’t Work for Belly Fat