Tone Your Calves at Home

Tone Your Calves at Home- easy and effective moves! |

First of all.. sorry for disappearing for a week! Being out of town and in my cousins wedding made it a little hard to post! But I’m back answering a lot of requests with some great ways to tone your calves! And having strong calves has more benefits than just looking good!

Before getting into the moves, your calves get worked during a lot of different workouts and you may not even know it if you’re really feeling it in another part of your body because that’s where your focus is! Any time you’re doing something plyometric or with jumping involved you’re probably using your calves And more than you think!

Easy Moves to Tone Your Calves

Single legged calf raise– This is an amazing way to work your calves because each one has to do the work all on it’s own. Meaning one stronger leg can’t compensate and help out the leg that might be slightly weaker. This way you’re really targeting our calves and making sure they both get stronger.

Pidgeon toe calf raise– feet are pointed in towards each other and heels are out.
Duck foot/dancer calf raise– Toes are pointed out about 45 degrees and heels are pointed towards each other.
These two will make sure that you’re entire calf gets worked. Changing your foot position will change the way that your muscles are being used and work different parts of your calves. These can also be done in single leg versions just like a regular calf raise. Just position your feet first so they’re in the right spot and then lift one off the ground.

Weighted calf raise– Done with both feet on the ground or single legged version. You can make this version increasingly difficult by adding more weight.

Banded calf raise– A great alternative to regular calf raises, you’re seated with the band wrapped around the ball of your foot alternating between flexing and pointing your toes.