Toned Triceps, Biceps and Shoulders

Before we get into this 20 minute workout, it’s super important to remember that when people talk about being ‘toned’ it’s really just gaining muscle aka muscle tone! Sooo we need to remember this when someone says that weights will make you bulky etc. Anyone that has gained a huge amount of muscle and looked bulky has planned to get there! It takes very specific training and nutrition to gain that much muscle, especially as a woman!

So grab some weights, push yourself, feel strong and empowered because we’re about to crush this!

You’ll need a pair of dumbbells and a mat!

Toned Triceps, Biceps and Shoulders

38 seconds work : 12 seconds rest x 4 Rounds
Tricep Press back
90 degree press
forearm Press
W Extension
Overhead Extension
Rotating Curl

As always, I hope you loved this and it was helpful to you! Let me know what you thought below or what you’d like to see!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!