Two Minute Motivation – Worry

We all worry about things here and there but sometimes it can become like a constant friend. As soon as a new situation comes up the potential stressors and negative ‘what if’ scenarios can start flooding in rather than any kind of positive thoughts about potential fun, growth or experiences. Here’s a quick video with some reasons that it isn’t a great place to stay mentally and my favorite thing to remember that helps get rid of that attitude!

What helps me most when I worry is to remember two things:

1. We are projecting things on the future that most likely never happen. We worry and stress and create negative scenarios when in reality we could come up with lots of positive scenarios too! Try switching that out next time! 🙂 Every time a negative scenario tried to creep in your mind, replace it by imagining a positive or ideal outcome! They’re just as, if not more likely!
2. We live life in the current moment! When we’re thinking about something that worries us in the future, it can seem overwhelming because we can’t actively do anything about it. We can only live in the current moment. Right now if you had to react to a situation, you would just handle it because you can take action! Moment by moment is how we live and when we get to that future moment, it wont be nearly as intimidating because we will be taking action and living in it!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!