Use HIIT, Get Fit

HIIT workouts are amazing! Not only are they time efficient but they’re proven to boost metabolism, burn fat and, since you don’t need any equipment you can do them anywhere!

Here’s a HIIT workout just for you guys! It takes less than 25 minutes including the warm up and cool down but you’ll still get a great workout! Enjoy:)

Start with your preferred 5 min warm up(biking, jogging, dynamic stretches, whatever you like)
You’re going to do all the moves for :40 and then rest for :20 before starting the next move, 2 rounds! All these moves should be done at a high intensity that still allows for good form.

2 rounds of 40 seconds each move, 20 seconds rest
Body weight squat
Jumping Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Reverse Lunges
Squat Jumps
High Knee Run (in place)

Finish with a short 5 minute cool down of your choice!