What Not to Do After A Binge

Ok guys! This is actually inspired by my Saturday. We had some company, ended up eating out twice, having some donut holes, some frozen yogurt and some valentines candy (cause, uh.. I got too excited for it when I saw it in the store). This is a ridiculous day of eating for me! I don’t think I even had that much sugar on Christmas! Needless to say, by the end of the night I felt horribly sick from eating so many things that I don’t generally eat! Not to mention the fact that since the Fro-Yo was eaten right before bed, I woke up Sunday with a huge headache! Yayy me!

If you’d rather watch the video it’s below! 🙂

So whether it’s a random sugar binge, a cheat meal turned to cheat day or weekend or whatever it may be, there are some things that you most definitely don’t want to do after a binge!

1. Don’t punish yourself with extra exercise.

This creates a really negative relationship with exercise and food! It turns something that is amazing for your body and mind into a punishment. We want to see exercise for all the positives it brings us and how awesome we feel afterwards, not as something we have to do as a consequence.

2. Don’t restrict calories.

When we go hard core restrictive it usually just leads to another binge when we can’t take it anymore. This creates a cycle of binning and restriction that isn’t healthy for your mind or body! It also doesn’t help you to feel very successful on the way to your goals.

3. Don’t beat yourself up.

This one is huge. It really has a big impact on the two before it as well. When we’re able to just move on after something like this, we’re much more likely to react in a less extreme way! Remember, t’s going to be alright! This doesn’t ruin your progress or completely derail you from being on track with your goals. It’s what we do most of the time that determines where we go, not what we do occasionally! It’s also so key to remember that beating ourselves up is not productive and it doesn’t help us in any way! Give yourself some grace and use it as inspiration for the future rather than a mental beat down! We can only change what we do in the future not what’s already happened!

The best thing to do after a binge or crazy weekend of eating is to just hop right back on track. Go back to your workouts, nourishing eating habits. hydration and things that are already in your plan to get to your goals. You don’t need to get extreme the next day or for the week after. Just get back to being consistent with your usual!

We’re all going to have days where we aren’t at 100%. Whether our workout didn’t go as well as we want or we couldn’t quite pull off being on point with our eating, or whatever it may be. Life is unpredictable sometimes and we just have to go with it and do our best!

I hope something here was helpful for you! 🙂

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


What Not to Do After A Binge