What to Do After A Workout

It seems like something that should be so simple! Finish the amazingn workout you just got in and BAM! That’s all there is to it! Buttt not quite so fast. There are a few things we should do after a workout to make the most of it, maximize progress and stay healthy for future workouts! What exactly are they though? You’ll be relieved to know it’s nothing too extravagant, crazy or even time consuming, it’s just a matter of getting it done! So, here they are, a few simple things you want to make sure and do after each workout! [Full video below if you’d rather listen/watch!]

Stretch – Yep, you’ve heard it before and I’m saying it again! It can feel like an unnecessary hassle but I promise it will make a difference in your workout performance! Stretching helps us to keep the balance between strength and mobility!  Not to mention that when your body is more mobile, you get a better range of motion in exercises! A great example of this is your regular old squat (and all other variations of course :D). If you are super tight in your hips, hamstrings or calves you’re going to have a hard time getting as deep as you may want to! So before you write off stretching as useless or something you don’t have time for, remember the benefits! Better range of motion means better workouts. Better workouts means better progress! So, even if it’s just 5 minutes after a workout, stretch it out!

Hydrate – So important! You probably pushed yourself in that workout and when we push ourselves, we sweat! We need to replenish that water that we lost. Even if you didn’t do a workout that had you dripping, most of us are not as hydrated as we think! So some time close to finishing your workout, be sure and grab a big glass of water!

Fuel – Your body needs to rebuild after an intense workout so give it something that’s going to help it maximize all the work you just put in. You want to have something that’s a good mix of protein and healthy, unprocessed carbs here! One of my favorites is Overnight Oats with added protein! If you go straight into a meal after your workout this one is taken care of! Just try to keep in mind that your body needs those macros to help rebuild! One thing to remember here is that a workout doesn’t mean we need to go and eat tons of extra treats! It’s still important for the majority of our food to be nourishing for our body so that when we do decide to have some treats, it’s all good for our progress! The other thing you want to remember is that every workout may not need the same amount of post workout fuel. A quick walk or short yoga session doesn’t require the same refueling as a tough 25 minute HIIT or 40 minute strength session!

Soo guys! Let’s maximize our progress and crush those workouts! 🙂

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


What to Do After A Workout