Women&Weights.. Should You Be Lifting?

A lot of women are scared to bulk up when it comes to weight training so they either go for the 5 pounders or skip the weights altogether.The truth is lifting weights is great for toning, building lean muscle and burning fat, all the things women want! It’s impossible for women to be huge and bulky like men (unless taking supplements) because we don’t have the amount of testosterone to build that type of muscle. Here are so reasons to lift with the boys, and don’t worry you wont look like them!

So obviously there are the physical benefits of weight lifting.. a lifted butt, lean legs and toned arms but lets go even further into what is so great about weight lifting and resistance training for your health.

1.Your metabolism benefits- Your resting metabolic rate is going to be higher when you have more lean muscle tissue resulting in more daily calorie burn just from being alive. Most adults who aren’t weight training will have a 3% per decade resting metabolic rate drop while those who strength train have higher than average rates.

2.Increased bone mineral density as well as increased strength of ligaments and tendons-This can help prevent injuries and degradation of the ligaments and tendons. Bone density is vital for preventing osteoporosis.

3.Muscle tissue atrophies from disuse as you age- Without strength training the average person will lose about 5 pounds of lean muscle per decade. If you actively strength train this can be prevented, keeping your muscles strong and ready for any daily activities you might face.

4.Weight training will prevent injuries from other activities like running, zumba, or any weight bearing cardio- Muscles absorb shock, preventing injuries from these other activities. Strength training will also enhance these other activities by promoting balanced muscle development For example running uses the muscles in the back of the leg more than the front that could lead to muscle imbalances that cause knee injuries.

5.Other benefits- Decreased depression, reduced arthritis pain, better working gastrointestinal system, stronger muscles in the core decreasing lower back pain likelihood, and of course improved body composition which in itself can lead to numerous health and mental health benefits.

Soo let’s lift some weights ladies!:)