Your Pizza Night Remix

You’re tying to eat healthier but craving pizza and it’s killing you? This could help keep you on track and it only takes a few mins!

All you need is:
A 100% whole wheat sandwich thin(it simulates crust a lot better than a piece of whole wheat bread and they’re way less calories than a bagel) Pizza sauce, Cheese and the healthy toppings of your choice. Here I just have chicken, I’m kinda plain when it comes to food.
-Put the sandwich thin in the oven/toaster oven until it is crispy on top(so the sauce doesn’t sink into the bread)
-Add Sauce, Cheese and toppings!(if you have a ton of toppings you might wanna put it in with just the cheese so it can melt a little first)

The amazing thing about this is it literally takes a total of 10 mins!And it is a way healthier substitute for other pizza with all that white flour and who knows what else in it. There’s 2 here but I usually only eat one if it has lots of toppings on it otherwise it’s a lot.
I hope this helps!:) Enjoy!