20 Minute Low Impact Legs & Butt

Helloo Everyone! It’s December 1st! Let the official Christmas countdown begin! 😀 It’s such a fun time of year. Decorations, family, I just love it! I’m also loving the fact that our weather here in the South East is usually pretty awesome and has be AMAZING this year. High 60’s and low 70’s are my favorite and that’s right where we’ve been all week. Safe to say I’m happy!

But, hearing about my Christmas fever is probably not why you’re here soo let’s get on to the lovely 20 Minute Low Impact Legs & Butt workout. Also love this. It’s nice to give the hopping a jumping a rest sometimes and throw in one of these low impact sessions.

This one is all about the lower body! We’re really focusing on targeting the glutes here big time. Making that mind muscle connection with the muscle you’re targeting is super key! If you have trouble firing the glutes (those butt muscles) try some activation exercises as a part of your warm up! Exercises like the ones found in these quick circuits are awesome:

14 Minute Butt Lifter & Waking Up Your Glutes

15 Minute Butt Lift

12 Minute Tight Glutes

I have lotsss of these videos! I think there are some even shorter ones on my YouTube channel too!

Anyways, for this workout, you’ll need a dumbbell! You want to push yourself with the weight here but only as much as you can keep good form! Form always wins over more weight! When we have great form we get great results cause we’re really working the muscles that we’re targeting!:D

It’s important to remember to keep your abs engaged and working for you through all of these exercises! They’re going to play a big role in stabilizing your core and keeping you from arching/dipping your back and then dumping unnecessary stress and pressure there.

Ok guys, get excited! Here we goo!

20 Minute Low Impact Legs & Butt

50 seconds work : 10 seconds rest x 4 rounds

DB Deadlift – Be sure to engage  your abs and use it to keep your core stable through the movement! Start with the weight on the floor, sit your back back and down, hands on the weight, chest open (someone could see a log on your chest). Press up to standing through your heels and the back part of the balls of your feet. Weight is not in the toes here.

DB RDL – Be sure to engage  your abs and use it to keep your core stable through the movement! Start standing with weights held in front of you. Abs are engaged through this whole movement to support your back. Hips go back and knees bend slightly as you lower the weights along your legs. Keep your upper body long and abs almost in a very slight ‘crunch’. Lower down to your knees or slightly below. If you feel your lower back start to dip you’ve gone past your range of motion. Pull yourself back up to standing with your glutes and hamstrings. Start light here. Really focus on practicing the move and engaging the glutes.

Anterior Reach Lunge R&L – Be sure to engage  your abs and use it to keep your core stable through the movement! Start with feet split wide, one forward one back and hips square (even). Lean forward and bend the front knee like you’re trying to reach the weights to your toes. Press through your front foot back to starting. Keep you abs engaged through this entire move.

Bridge March – Be sure to engage  your abs and use it to keep your core stable through the movement! Lift your hips up into a bridge. It may help to think of tilting your pelvis towards your face slightly so that you’re not dumping into your lower back! Glutes and abs are working here to stabilize! As you hold a bridge, lift one foot up, place it back down then lift the other to march!

Ok guys, I hope you enjoyed this one! What do you wanna see next?

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!