24 Minute Lean & Lifted Lower Body

Happy Friday guys (or whatever day it is when you see this:D)! For follow along Fridays this week we’re targeting our lower body! So legs and glutes are gonna feel the burn! This workout is low impact so no hopping or jumping around (I know crazy right?), just a good old fashion lean muscle building sweat session.

When picking a weight for this workout, be sure to use something that challenges you but allows you to keep good form through the entire workout. You can always change weight mid workout if you need to!

There are some squat variations here so if you need a little refresher on form be sure to check out these videos before getting started! The Squat Tutorial and Sumo Squat Tutorial break the exercises down so that you know you’re doing them right! When your form is great, you get more out of the workout because you’re actually working the muscle that you intend to and of course it prevents injuries!

Fair warning here, there a 3 bridge variations in this workout! So your butt is going to get some solid work in along with the rest of your lower body. When doing bridges, it’s super important to engage those abs and really squeeze the glutes so that you’re not using your lower back to try and get your butt to lift higher! Cause that just doesn’t feel good and also isn’t so great for you! So, when doing these bridges try and focus on that mind muscle connection! We’re there for 45 seconds, there’s no rush. Focus on form and really engaging the muscles that we’re targeting! Your booty will love you for it!

Anyways, on to the workout! You’ve got this!

24 Minute Lean & Lifted Lower Body



45 seconds work : 15 seconds rest x 4 rounds

Switch Squats – Start with a chair squat and step out to a normal squat stance. Alternate which side you step out to. Chair squat, squat, chair squat, squat. Remember to keep your abs engaged, chest open and weight out of your toes!

Close Bridges – Feet are together in this bridge. Use your glutes to press your hips towards the ceiling and in line with your knees and shoulders. Big squeeze at the top!  Abs engaged through the movement.

Curtsy Lunges – Step back and across your body and sink down into a lunge. Press back up to standing with your front foot. Weight is out of your toes. Abs are engaged!

Bridge March – Lift up into a bridge, keeping the abs tight and the glutes engaged the entire time. Lift one leg off of the ground and march it towards your torso. Set it back down and repeat on the other leg. Try to keep your shoulders, hips and knees in line by really squeezing the glutes to keep your hips lifted.

Sumo Pulse Squats – Start in a sumo stance, feet wider than hips and knees and toes pointed in the same direction. Squat down, come half way up, back down again then all the way up. Big squeeze of the glutes at the top! Abs are engaged!

Wide Bridges – Feet are placed wider than hips with knees and toes pointed in the same direction. Squeeze the glutes to lift your hips into line with your knees and shoulders. Abs engaged!


I hope you enjoyed this workout! Let me know if you gave it a try!


Sweat, Smile, Repeat!