Fat Burning 8 Minute Plyometric Workout

Ok, I’m going to apologize ahead of time for my out of breath instructions on this one but that just means it was a goodie!:) You’ll be burning fat and major calories during this 8 minute intense workout! Each move starts with a “normal” pace, one you could sustain for a while, and then moves on to your all out pace! You wanna go as hard as you can here so that you really get the most out of each interval. The alternating between steady pace and fast intervals will rev up you metabolism and get the fat burning going all day long.

This workout is also great for summer because there’s no equipment and not a lot of space needed so you can do it anywhere! Try this at home or on vacation for a quick and awesome way to stay in summer shape!
The moves: Plyometric Lunge, Plyo Push up, Jump Squats, Single Leg Jumps,Feet Together Hops, Frog Walks, Skaters


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